Skinny Internet Cum Gargler Gives POV Blowjob

Yesterday i was browsing the internet and look what I found over there. A sexy red head called “Smokie Flame”. I mailed and told her what I wanted to do, in seconds she mailed me back and within the hour she was at my house.

When she came over, we first talked for a bit. She showed me her tongue piercing and I checked out her sexy naked body. But this hottie was to horny and she couldn’t wait to give me POV blowjob.

She ripped my jeans open, and immediately took my cock in her mouth, she licked and sucked on it. That piercing was sliding against my cock, and it felt great. My cock was getting rock hard and that turned Smokie even more on, she touched her boobs and played with her pussy while she was blowing me.

She went with her tongue around my balls and got up back, were I started to mouth fuck her. She sucked on it, and I was pounding her mouth harder and harder. You wish you had a sexy POV blowjob chick like this home! 

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