Mia Khalifa Tricked In Horny POV Porn!

Khalifa was hanging over that the local IHOP when he ran into Amber, she was serving up some buttermilk pancakes and the food wasn’t the only thing that looked delicious. Amber is a bit shy cuz when Herb blurted out that she was the most delicious thing on the menu, she blushed and gave him a lil kiss on the cheek.

Mia Khalifa told her she could make a nice chunk of money if she came home with him shooting movies, so she did. The only thing she didn’t knew Herb was shooting a POV porn movie.

Mia Khalifa

She didn’t really mind, because the second they got home, Amber took her clothes off, and spread her legs wide open. Amber is an stunning babe, cute face, nice tits, and an ass to die for.

Herb took this quest like a real men, and started to pound that pussy with his hard rod, Amber moaned like a real whore. When Amber took Herb’s hard manhood in her mouth and started to suck it real bad, Herb was about to explode!

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